Reflection #5- Re-inhabitation and De-colonization

Within the article "Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing" by Jean-Paul Restoule, Sheila Gruner, and Edmund Metatawabin I was able to see a few examples of both re-inhabitation and de-colonization. Both of these practices are vital in order for Indigenous peoples to return to their roots and embrace spirituality once... Continue Reading →


Reflection #4- Definitions of a “Good” Student

According to the "commonsense", a good student is one who does what the schools expects of them, and learns best through the ways that schools traditionally teach them. These students do things such as sit in their desks, listen when the teacher is talking, take notes, and respect others. When looking at this definition, it... Continue Reading →

Reflection #2-The Many Faces of Curriculum

Although Curriculum is only a single word, its surprising how many different ways the concept of what curriculum actually is can be explained. Often, the meaning is defined by teachers individually depending on their preferred teaching styles, culminating in many different interpretations of the curriculum. Within Smith’s article “Curriculum Theory and Practice”, the curriculum is... Continue Reading →

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