Weekly Blog Post #3: All Hail Twitter

Prior to taking Ed. Tech 300, I did not have a Twitter account. Therefore, signing up for it a few weeks ago proved to be an all around new experience for me, as Twitter is one of the old-school social media networks that I know next to nothing about. The Twitter logo, and a hashtag.Image... Continue Reading →

Weekly Blog Post #2: Feedly Me Some Information!

This week's class focused on the importance of information and how to find/share it. Twitter is a great way to share information, and if you haven't already followed my handle, please do so for daily updates! Anyway, back to my point on finding information. Following the advice of my professor, I signed up to the... Continue Reading →

EDTC 300- Introductory Post

Hello EDTC 300 class, My name is Callen Boutin, and I am in my final year of my Bachelor of Education degree! I'm majoring in History, and minoring in English. I just finished my internship at Swift Current Comprehensive High School, and can confidently say that I feel very comfortable with educational technology, as COVID-19... Continue Reading →

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