Summary of Learning- Where Have all the Good Times Gone?

Sadly, the time has come for me to submit my final EDTC 300 project. Looking back, its been a great semester and I'm grateful for all of the connections, friendships, and information this class has allowed me to amass! To close off the year, take a look at the video I've spent the last few... Continue Reading →

Weekly Blog Post #10- Together We Are Stronger

Ed. Tech 300 was a very interesting class in the sense that while it was online, the sense of community emulated what it felt to be in a physical classroom, for I made connections with my peers that will last long past this semester. Additionally, my classmates posts often brightened my day, pushed me to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Learning Project #7- Amped Up!

This week I decided to take a step back from learning how to play guitar, and instead focused on something equally important: setting up guitar amp. As anyone who's played live music (or attended a show, for that matter) knows, amps are what project the sound of your instrument to the masses. Without a good... Continue Reading →

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